The Reality of Small Differences

Members of Pyramid of Arts have joined other artists with disabilities in contributing to a new exhibition, The Reality of Small Differences.

Local disabled people were angry and upset when they discovered that Grayson Perry’s popular tapestry series, The Vanity of Small Differences, is coming to Leeds in August, but will be displayed on the first floor of Temple Newsam House – in a wing where there is no lift.

As a response to this, but more importantly, to showcase the talent and creativity of disabled people, Leeds-based Gill Crawshaw has worked with East Street Arts, Inkwell and local artists to create another textile exhibition in accessible spaces.

The exhibition is of textile art, which makes a clear link to Grayson Perry’s tapestries and is bold, eclectic and challenging. The exhibition includes a wide range of techniques and materials: woven, felted, knitted, printed, patchwork, dyed and stitched artworks.

Artists taking part in the exhibition say:

“Heritage trumps access all too often.”

“Physical exclusion and the façade of access imply that disabled people don’t matter to arts organisations. No amount of interpretations or downloadable activity packs will make up for not being to get inside to see the work in situ.” – Katya Robin

“We do not like being excluded from the cultural events of our city and want to celebrate our colourful creativity.” – Pyramid of Arts’ Eden Group

“Small differences can have a huge impact on daily reality.  I hope the exhibition will encourage people to think and then make small differences in their own lives which will have a positive impact for others as well as themselves.” – Carrie Scott-Huby

The exhibition is free and open to everyone, in two wheelchair accessible venues in Leeds 7. It opens on the same day as the exhibition of Grayson Perry’s tapestries at Temple Newsam.

Opening events Saturday 23rd August 2014

Union 105
105 Chapeltown Road, Leeds LS7 3HY

Launch: 3pm – 5pm, Saturday 23rd August

Sunday 24th August 12-4 pm
Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th August 12-6 pm
and by appointment in the week following.

Inkwell Arts
31 Potternewton Lane, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3LW

Launch: 5pm – 7pm, Saturday 23rd August

Tuesday-Saturday 10am – 4 pm every week until Saturday 4th October 2014

Click here to download the Reality of Small Differences flyer